The development and design of the cleaning stations were based on the 5S methodology, which was developed in Japan and consists of the following stages:

5S Cleaning stations by Interbrush

Sorting (Seiri)
Eutaxia (Seiton)
Tidying and Cleaning (Seiso)
Standardization (Seiketsu)
Maintenance (Shitsuke)

And it works

To increase productivity
In reducing production time
To improve employee efficiency
To increase job security

The Cleaning Station, one of the many applications of the 5S methodology, provides you with:

Accurate, clean and safe storage for cleaning equipment Visible color illustrations of equipment placement Perfect integration in industrial areas meeting hygiene rules (in accordance with HACCP/IFS) Personalized design of your station (logo, products, texts, colors and more) Healthy harmless materials, easy to clean and maintain Ease of use and management


- You choose the ideal combination of products for your space from the list of equipment in accordance with HACCP
standards - We make the design with the best possible arrangement of the products you have chosen and in the color you want
- We send you the design for approval and proceed to the printing on Etalbond sheet after the logo of your company has been added to the design as well as the title you will indicate to us (e.g. CLEANING STATION – PRODUCTION AREA)
(etalbond is a thin-thick and light-weight composite panel, consisting of two aluminum sheets and a core of polymer material between them)

We send you the Cleaning Station together with the supporting components and the products that will make it up *** There is the possibility of building a Cleaning Station without the need to support it on a wall. We achieve this with a fixed or rolling base.

This construction can be made of either galvanized or stainless steel materials.

Tip: The color separation of the HACCP equipment according to the area will help the staff to adapt to the 5S philosophy

Eleftheriadis S. & E. OE stands by you with registration of your premises, electronic plans of the station, supply of products and all the necessary tools as well as installation by our specialized technical department.

5S Cleaning stations by Interbrush


Below you will find indicative examples of Cleaning Station constructions that we have done for large industries of food, cosmetics, logistics, plastic packaging, etc.

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