The Number 1 cleaning solution, worldwide for high spots, quickly and safely!

A brand new range of specialist high reach cleaning systems for use in internal, external and specialist environments such as ATEX, high-voltage areas and food & drink environments.
The World’s #1 High-Level Vacuum Cleaning System. SpaceVac Innovative High-Level Cleaning System – provides a safe and efficient method of cleaning up to 20m in height from the safety of the ground floor. ideal for internal and external cleaning of pipes and fixtures in factories and warehouses as well as commercial buildings.
The result of over a decades worth of development and refinement, the SpaceVac high-level cleaning system is a precision-engineered cleaning system unlike any other; providing peace of mind and unrivalled cleaning performance across a wide range of business sectors.

A Decade of Innovation…

Since bringing the SpaceVac system to market, the Engineering team have continued to develop and refine the product to deliver maximum performance to our customers.

In addition, the entire SpaceVac range features our innovative ‘Safety Locking” mechanism as standard for total operator safety. This simple device ensures that the system won’t separate when in use – unlike other friction fit and external clamp systems found elsewhere on the market.

Time Savings

With none of the setup time associated with access equipment, and with free reign to move around, SpaceVac operators can complete cleans in a fraction of the time


Safer for Operators

Cleaning from the safety of the ground floor means all of the risks associated with working at height are completely removed.


Cost Efficient

Removing the need for additional equipment hires makes SpaceVac a sure way to reduce the costs associated with high-level cleaning with a fast ROI!


Unrivalled Build Quality

Our unparallelled build quality and innovative features – including safety locking mechanism and internconnecting heads provide a long lasting, durable solution.


The development of SpaceVac came about in response to a very simple problem – how to safely clear blocked gutters without having to resort to traditional methods – such as ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers.

All of these pose risks to gutter cleaners and also present a number of other issues such as expensive rental costs,
the additional time required to complete the cleaning work and the problems created by installing this access equipment on site. Developing a purification system that could work from the ground up.

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