Eleftheriadis S.- Eleftheriadis E. OE << Interbrush>>

Is a modern purely Greek company of European standards which has been active since 2000 initially in the manufacture and trade of industrial brushes and later in the trade of general industrial equipment.

After many years of presence in the industry, it has managed to enjoy the utmost appreciation and trust from its customers, adding more and more smart and reliable solutions with innovative products to its range.

We have a huge variety of products, all certified by international organizations ISO, HACCP & IFS, covering your every need. Our clients are the largest Food, Pharmaceutical and Logistics Industries in Greece (LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS SA, Mylos Papafili SA, ELBISCO SA, Papadopoulos SA, Melissa Kikizas SA, Barilla Hellas SA, COCA COLA 3E Hellas SA E.E., GREEN COLA GREECE S.A., GENERAL MILLS GREECE S.A., Mondelez Hellas Production S.A., APIVITA S.A., ION S.A., FAGE S.A., SYNERGY S.A. etc.)

Specifically some of the main categories in which we can be useful are:

1) The industrial brushes for covering gaps in doors but also for various other applications. Our workshop in Kastoria as well as our partners from abroad can manufacture the brush you need in the dimensions you ask us!

2) Covering indoor and outdoor spaces with either PVC strip curtains or sliding vinyls that adapt to your space!
We have our own installation crew with many years of experience!

3) Plastic packaging products such as storage boxes, crates, buckets, pallets, pallet boxes, etc. in various dimensions and certified for food contact!

4) The safety blades of Martor (made in Solingen) and the ceramic blades of Slice which contribute to the reduction of occupational accidents by complying with all safety standards.

5) Natural Rubber Labeling Sponges {sheets or rolls} in various qualities and in the dimensions you need!

6) The Flour Industry Products for Mills and not only, such as planzichter brushes, Nylon gauzes, semolina parts, bag filters, hoses, inox grids, etc.

7) The Ergonomic mats and the ergonomic seats which are configured according to your wishes and contribute to the best performance of the workers, always within the framework of safety!

8) Finally, INTERBRUSH can supply you with a wide variety of cleaning products as well as other useful products for your production.

A large variety of these also come in detectable properties as the iron filings they contain make them detectable by metal detectors!

Now, you can organize cleaning products in your space by hanging them on the Cleaning Station that we can build according to your needs! The Cleaning Stations immediately give your place order, elegance and cleanliness! It is a financial means with which you will see immediate results in the performance of your employees as well as in the maintenance of your products.

Our mission is to constantly inspire existing or new partners with innovative products, giving special responsibility to quality that will facilitate their daily life in industrial areas even for the most specialized applications. This is achieved by recording the data of the problem, studying the possible solutions and proposing the appropriate one!

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