Argentax Cuttex 9mm Cutter

Argentax Cuttex 9mm Cutter

The ARGENTAX CUTTEX 9 MM with a narrow snap-off blade includes all the properties you would expect from a cutter. Ideal for easy cutting of cardboard boxes, cardboard, paper and adhesive tape.

The long, rounded off handle fits very well in your hand while doing so. You can vary the blade extension as you wish. But, be careful: it’s better not to extend the blade out completely when you are cutting.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 144.5 x 13 x 14 mm
Cutting depth: 5.6 mm
Weight: 13.2 g

Compatible Blades: Snap-off Blade No. 76 S-76.60
Snap-off Blade No. 76

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