Secunorm 525

Secunorm 525 Safety Knife

The SECUNORM 525 is a straightforward safety knife in every way. The ergonomic aluminium handle sits firmly and comfortably in the hand.

Its robust design and large cutting depth of up to 21 mm means the SECUNORM 525 easily manages a variety of cutting materials, for example 3-ply cardboard.

An unobstructed view of the blade also allows you to cut particularly precisely. In every task, the proven automatic blade retraction protects you from cutting injuries.

Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 143 x 17 x 31 mm
Cutting depth: 21 mm
Weight: 81 g

Compatible Blades: Trapezoid Blade No. 99 S-99.70
Trapezoid Blade No. 99

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